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  Product Demonstration Video

  UPGRADE 36.20

  17 Segment Training Companion - View from Internet or Cd. See Video Training

  Remote (Internet) Backup - Access to remote Internet backup. Login and complete
  required fields then select client to be backed up. See Remote Backup

  Cash Flow Report now available monthly, quarterly or annually. See Reports

  Create a Tax Year now includes a choice to create future (next) tax year OR create tax
  year prior to first year of accounting. This will allow new users the ability to enter
  inventory ...See Create Tax Year

  1099 Exempt Vendor check box and Print 1099 report tab now available in Vendor File.
  Print 1099 Tab allows user to set a threshold amount and then print all vendors that fall
  within your specifications. See Vendor

  EPA Registration Number -Users can now tract EPA registration numbers. Go to
  Transaction Codes, Crop Production select Chemical then check box sub-detail in blue
  area below, edit Sub-detail and see box for Utility Identifier/sub-code remark. EPA
  Registration Numbers can be stored and will be reported on line entries, Crop
  Production Reports when applied and shown in Transaction Codes Account Details
  File . See Transaction Codes

  Invoices. Multiple charges and payments can be entered on individual invoice to
  create an Invoice/Statement. (Charge entries w/o payments create an Invoice).
  More choices to customize printed invoices; payment terms, how to pay and/or
  add a footnote. Additional detail on posting payments; check #, cash or credit card.
  Tear-off payment stub option. See Invoice

  Supplies, Links available to order FarmFact compatible, Invoice paper with tear-off
  payment stub, blank check stock to print your payroll or personal checks, coordinating
  window envelopes. See Info Center or Support

  Web Links to access Ag-Based Utility Programs and tools. See Web Links